Students of Humanities Faculty HK Are Ranked Among the 2% of the Top Scientists in the World

Over 20 undergraduate/postgraduate/professional development programs, as well as 240+ staff members covering different areas, 4 departments, and 8 centers/research centers, are available for talented students of Humanities Faculty HK that take modern education to a whole new level!

This Faculty is recognized for the high performance of its students, which is confirmed by the report that four FHM scholars have been ranked among the 2% of the world’s top scientists by Stanford University. The educational methods of Humanities Faculty HK help students reach their maximum potential in the areas they are interested in. The educators aim to assist students in building strong knowledge in Language, Literature and Culture that can be used in various aspects of their future careers and lives.

The mission of FHM is to build upon its traditional strengths to provide humanities education and interdisciplinary programs of the highest quality that will respond to the demand for humanities disciplines in the region and worldwide. The educators created an engaging humanistic research environment that teaches students how to conduct cutting-edge research that equips them with abilities to affect the academic arena in Hong Kong and beyond.

Students of Humanities Faculty HK develop outstanding communication skills, as well as multicultural awareness and the capacity to analyze, synthesize and critically reflect on the knowledge in various disciplines. That way, students’ abilities are emphasized, and they learn how to resolve and meet problems and challenges in effective, critical ways.

Humanities Faculty HK invites all ambitious students to gain outstanding experience and knowledge that will prepare them for the academic arena and business with captivating and innovative educational methodologies.

Wesley Leung

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