What is Thrombosis Treatment HK?

Thrombosis is a critical condition that occurs when blood clots (one or more) are formed in the blood vessels or heart. It requires urgent thrombosis treatment HK to prevent serious health diseases that can even be fatal if untreated.

There are several potential causes of thrombosis. Injury or disease to the leg veins, immobility, bone fractures, obesity, certain medicines and inherited disorders are some of them. The disorder can be caused by any reason that prevents proper blood flow, which results in the formation of a blood clot. In fact, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is the medical term for a blood clot, frequently forms as a consequence of an infection, surgery, or inflammation.

A timely thrombosis treatment HK is mandatory for the prevention of several critical vascular diseases. Some of the complications of untreated thrombosis include heart attack, stroke, and severe breathing problems. These complications can be life-threatening and the only way to remove them is to seek professional help.

In Hong Kong, a prestigious medical centre Esteem Surgical Clinic provides advanced thrombosis treatment HK that meets the highest standards of the medical industry. With a highly educated medical staff, innovative equipment, and modern medical practices, Esteem Surgical Clinic can tackle even the most complicated cases of thrombosis.

The treatment includes the diagnosis, a minimally invasive procedure used to remove blood clots, and the recovery services that ensure patients can return to their regular lifestyle without health complications. Specialists instruct patients on healthier practices that will ensure the thrombosis does not make a return and they stay available for any additional assistance, if needed.

Wesley Leung

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